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Creating Visible Healthcare™

Communicating complex medical information to a wide range of diverse patient populations can be a challenge, but is crucial for ethical, high-quality healthcare.

Insignia Marketing, Inc. introduced the VisiCare™ line of products to the national healthcare market in 2011 in response to growing demand for hospitals to meet the needs of “communication-vulnerable” populations and improve the quality of patient communication.

VisiCare™ is revolutionizing the healthcare industry through improved patient communication products, thereby enabling our clients to reach new heights in patient satisfaction and outcomes. Our products include VisiCare™ white boards, VisiCareHD™ digital boards and VisiCareClear™ safety boards. We will continue to innovate into the future and would love to hear from you with product or improvement ideas or challenges you face.

All VisiCare™ products are capable of featuring coordinated layout designs depending on which product may be best suited to each department or building within the facility or system. It is ideal that the patient sees visibly coordinated communication boards throughout the facility in order to reinforce consistency of care. Communication boards should be familiar and consistent in situations where the patient is transferred from one department to another during their stay.

We fully customize the layout graphics for each hospital so they coordinate with other VisiCare™ products along with other current marketing materials already in use, such as facility websites or billboards.

VisiCare™ white boards

VisiCare™ white boards is the original healthcare product introduced in 2011 by Insignia Marketing, Inc. These innovative boards are a unique component-based system that will not only reduce long-term costs associated with the standard industry practice of periodically replacing entire boards, but it will also allow healthcare facilities to be more responsive to industry or facility directive changes and implement them at a faster pace. We are experts at content and brand-differentiated healthcare design layouts for patient care boards.

VisiCare™ white boards are quickly installed on the wall of a patient’s room, thereby facilitating improved communication between the care team, patients and the patient’s family. Being a component-based white board system further enhances the capabilities of a white board by integrating an interchangeable language feature to address communication initiatives for diverse patient populations. Our front-loading sturdy graphic inserts can feature different native languages and can be easily interchanged targeting key demographic patient populations as needed. Reaching a facility’s diverse patient populations is a primary method of improving overall satisfaction scores and patient outcomes which will help optimize each facility’s medical reimbursements.

VisiCare™ white boards are a key instrument through which our healthcare clients will successfully improve quality of care and patient perception.

(VisiCare™ White Boards are Patent Pending)

VisiCareHD™ digital boards

Digital Boards VisiCareHD™ digital boards improve patient satisfaction in technologically advanced healthcare environments. They are designed to comply with ever-changing regulatory directives. Our technical team works with your facility on all relevant details to ensure a customized digital facility design, desired functionality and a smooth development / install.

VisiCareHD™ digital boards are a key instrument through which our technologically advanced healthcare clients will successfully improve quality of care and patient perception.

VisiCareClear™ safety boards

Safety BoardsVisiCareClear™ safety boards are specifically designed for high-risk environments, having single-piece construction with rounded and bevelled edges, utilizing approved safety hardware. We can easily coordinate VisiCareClear™ safety board department designs to match with your other VisiCare™ products already in use or in development.

VisiCareClear™ safety boards are a key instrument through which high-risk department clients will successfully improve quality of care and patient perception.

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