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VisiCare™ Markers - Ideal for ALL Dry Erase Boards

Low odor, non-toxic, black ink dry erase markers for high contrast and best readability that are easily erased. VisiCare™ Markers Order Now →

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VisiCare™ Erasers

VisiCare™ Microfiber Erasers are recommended and are disposable between patients, or as often as your facility recommends for infection control. They are gentle and won't scratch dry erase surfaces while erasing. They feature a smooth microfiber front erasing surface along with a cling backing to adhere to smooth surfaces. Dry erase dust sticks to the microfiber surface to prevent getting dust on walls etc.
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VisiCare Accessories

VisiCare™ Custom Imprints

VisiCare™ Markers and Erasers can be customized. Full color eraser designs can feature a facility logo, tagline, or best practice message for staff or patients. One example for erasers is "If my board needs to be updated, DIAL ext 1234" to alert administration of the patient's request. Markers can feature color logos, taglines, and contact information to match your facility color branding corporate identity guidelines.
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