Pricing Comparison

Mix & Match VisiCare™ style of boards for coordinating patient board graphics cross departments.

$ $$ $$$ $$$$
White Boards Plexi Boards
Glass Boards Digital Boards
Standard White Boards
Modern Plexi Acrylic Standoff Style
Durable Dry Erase Coating and
Optional Interchangable Layouts
Durability & Elegance
Innovative Design Easy
Infection Control
Interactive Electronic Boards for
Technology Advanced
Healthcare Environments
Mobile Boards Safety Boards
Convenient Wheeled White Board
Wall Space Not Needed
Easily Move Around Rooms, Halls
Single Piece Construction
White Board Created for
High-Risk Areas
Decal Boards Magnetic Boards
Easily Apply or Remove by Hand
Erasable Vinyl Boards are Ideal on
Smooth Walls, Pocket Doors, Glass
Magnetic & Lightweight Erasable
Graphic Layer is Uniquely Ideal
Durable and Interchangeable

What Can VisiCare™ Do For Your Facility?

  • Increase staff and patient satisfaction scores
  • Enhance hospital team success
  • Promote cost-effective care
  • Strengthen an organization’s commitment to its mission
  • Improve patient loyalty, retention and public image
  • Unite the workforce around a strong vision of optimal care

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