Decal Boards a Quality Short-term Patient Communication Solution

Decal Boards Decal Boards

Perfect tool for patient communication in changing or crisis situations for added capacity. No Holes needed. Safe on any surface.

With VisiCare™ Decal Boards, anyone can install patient boards anywhere and at any time. Prepare for patient surges. No special tools are required when applying VisiCare™ Decal Boards, not even a squeegee. Once installed, the dry erase boards may be repositioned. Easy bubble-free application on a wide variety of smooth interior surfaces, including walls, windows, glass and more.

Your Solution During Patient Census Expansion and Construction

Hospital rooms are different shapes and sizes, so we make different shapes and sizes! Horizontal landscape for walls over cabinets,Vertical portrait for between windows, Square to maximize odd spaces and more. Order your department layout for size smooth surface area you have available. Get Started →

VisiCare Decal Board Sample

Proactive Communication Solution for High-Volume Response Planning

Add capacity, Interim planning and crisis prep for additional staffed beds & expanding hospital census. Our dry erase decal boards are fast and easy patient boards to place anywhere. Easily apply or remove by hand without air-bubbles using special low tack adhesive technology. Get Started →

VisiCare Decal Board Sample 2
Decal Boards

Product Details

Low Tack Adhesive Backing

Sizing small 8.5" x 11" to 48" x 96"

Apply fast to any hospital surface. These boards don't require holes, are air-bubble free and leave no residue. Apply to any smooth cleanable surface for best installation.

Decal Low Tack Adhesive Backing Detail

Dry Erase Surface

Non-porous Surfaces

Special durable surface made specifically for eraseability. Non absorbent and easy to clean. Recommended pairing VisiCare™ Dry Erase Markers for best practices.

Decal Dry Erase Surface Detail

Product Features and Benefits:

The VisiCare™ Decal Board is an easy short-term fast response solution to the challenge of maximizing well-designed, functional space performance in the healthcare industry.

Design Feature Benefit
Repositionable Graphics Instant layout location changes
Erasable One Piece Solution Ability to write and change information on the board
Communication Feature Benefit
Full Color Custom Graphic
Encouraging patients to look at the board often
Safety Feature Benefit
Non‐porous surface
Prevent infections, maintain safety for facilities
Secure installation Maintain safety for patients and staff

What Can VisiCare™ Decal Boards Do For Your Facility?

  • Enable Flexibility of Locations to place dry erase boards
  • Increase staff and patient satisfaction scores
  • Enhance hospital team success
  • Promote cost-effective care
  • Strengthen an organization’s commitment to its mission
  • Improve patient loyalty, retention and public image
  • Unite the workforce around a strong vision of optimal care

Why VisiCare™?

  • Healthcare expertise and continuity of design for medical layouts
  • Wide variety of low-tech and high-tech dry erase solutions for better patient communication ordered with VisiCare™ the trusted healthcare company
  • Coordinating patient information graphics across any departments using various styles VisiCare™ Boards to best fit staff and patient needs
  • Cultivate a cohesive look within departments and multiple facilities
  • Transition to electronic boards with ease. Upgrade to VisiCare™ Digital Boards one department at a time or one facility at a time maintaining consistency for patients
  • 1-on-1 consultations focused on your hospital's brand, mission and values to improve the patient experience and reduce patient error

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