Digital Boards an Electronic Real-Time Patient Experience

Digital Boards Digital Boards

Developed to improve communications between patients and caregivers in technologically advanced health care environments, VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards help hospitals improve patient quality, patient satisfaction and staff efficiency.

Digital Boards

VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards help patients, families and caregivers easily share relevant & timely information on what matters most.

Accurate, Real-Time Patient Information

Custom patient content and layout design.

Digital interactive board with patient engagement

Product Details

Display Monitor

Sizing upon request

Electronic visual HD display that includes a screen for patient information that refreshes for up-to-date content. Diagonal Sizes: 32", 43", 50", 55" and 60+

Digital Monitor Detail

Digital Custom Graphics

Sizing dependent on Display Monitor

Electronic visual HD Eye-catching graphic highlight patient safety and reduce patient error. Purchase newly updated graphics without having to replace the entire board. Optimize patient satisfaction score results by updating your graphic as warranted.

Digital Monitor Detail
Design Feature Benefit
Customized Branding & Design Enhances Patient Interaction & Satisfaction
Provider-Patient Communication Cues Care Team Adherence to Best Practices
EMR Data Interface Efficiently Reduces Manual Input
Immediate-Attention Care Team Alerts Enhances Response Time
Integrated Patient Education Content & Videos Improved Education & HCAHPS Scores
Administrative Compliance Analytics Improves Training and Coaching Process

What Can VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards Do For Your Facility?

  • Increase staff and patient satisfaction scores
  • Enhance hospital team success
  • Promote cost-effective care
  • Strengthen an organization’s commitment to its mission
  • Improve patient loyalty, retention and public image
  • Unite the workforce around a strong vision of optimal care

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