Door Entry Patient Boards
Clarify Patient Attending

Custom Door Entry White Boards

Patient Door entry boards are communications tools to initiate care before entering a patients room. Communication is critical – nurses and staff need to be aware of patient precautions and high-risk information to prevent falls, infection and all the incidents that threaten optimizing patient outcomes.

VisiCare boards are developed to withstand the demands of today's healthcare environments with interchangeable layouts for flexible rooms. The VisiCare art team creates custom and refined precaution call out or submit your own best practice standards. Every detail of VisiCare Door Entry boards are designed to serve hospital staff long term. Easily update the layout design or magnets whenever your health system changes. VisiCareMAG Magnetic Boards Learn More →

Dry Erase Board in Patient Room

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Door Entry Boards Samples

Door Entry Patient boards

Patient Room Boards

Proven to increase patient satisfaction. Show the patient how the hospital staff is supposed to communicate to empower patients in their own care... Read More →

Magnetic boards

Magnetic Boards

White boards that hold magnets, photos and additional flyers for an ideal communication dry erase tool in hospital rooms and other areas where patient health is... Read More →

Limited wall space boards

Limited Wall Space Boards

Developed to improve communications between patients and caregivers in technologically advanced health care environments... Read More →

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