Mobile Boards for Portable Patient Care

Portable rolling board Mobile Boards

Empower Patented VisiCare™ White Boards to Transition Care

Rolling boards are a great solution to portable boards. Pair our mobile stand accessory, VisiCare™ Mobile Boards, with our VisiCare™ White Boards dry erase patient boards.

White Boards Patent Infograph

Patented Technology Improving Patient Satisfaction

Full color sturdy graphic inserts can be quickly interchanged, providing the care team with a practical way to better meet the needs of various patient populations and improve measurable outcomes. This patented low-tech solution is versitle for many hospitals. Learn More →

Picked For Dry Erase Mobile Boards

We have paired our VisiCare™ Clear Marker Tray with the portable rolling board so that your dry erase markers and eraser are on the go too. Attach the tray to the back of the board prior to board installation with included permanent adhesive strips so tray will hang below the installed board. Low profile design holds multiple VisiCare™ markers and erasers. VisiCare™ Accessories Learn More →

VisiCare Accessories Clear Tray

Mobile White Boards

Product Details

Mobile Stand Accessory

Available in Silver & Black.

Quickly installed on the wall of a patient’s room. Component-based white board system opens and closes the edge to further enhances the capabilities of a white board by integrating the interchangeable feature

Mobile Stand

White Board Edge

Available in Silver & Black 1" Economy, 1.25" Contour and 1.75" Designer widths.

Easily attach to rolling stnad in patient rooms, operating rooms and more. The component-based white board system opens and closes the edges to further enhances the typical capabilities of a white board by integrating interchangeable layouts and easy periodic lens replacement for fresh new writing surfaces.

Mobile Stand

White Board Lens

Sizing from 8.5" x 11" to 48" x 96"

The clear, smooth, durable dry erase service makes for the perfect overlay for VisiCare™ custom graphics. Replacement Lenses are custom cut to fit perfectly inside your existing VisiCare™ White Boards. Environmentally safe and 100% recyclable. Ensure your lenses look great year-round by replacing lenses on a regular schedule.

Lens Detail

White Board Custom Graphic

Sizing from 8.5" x 11" to 48" x 96"

Eye-catching graphic inserts highlight patient safety, reduce patient error and optimize communication. Replacement Graphics are the perfect solution for any rebranding of your hospital/logo or layout update. Purchase newly updated graphics without having to replace the entire board. Optimize patient satisfaction score results by updating your graphic inserts as desired.

Lens Detail

Product Features and Benefits:

The VisiCare™ line of products is a unique solution to the challenge of achieving superior value-based performance in the healthcare industry.

Design Feature Benefit
Interchangeable Graphics Instant layout or translation changes
Optional 2‐Sided Graphic Printing Convenient second translation can be on reverse side
Erasable Cover Lens Ability to write and change information on the board
Component Based System Inexpensive to replace a component like the graphic
Replaceable Lens Inexpensive and easy to resurface board
Communication Feature Benefit
Extra Graphic Language Option Communicate with diverse patient population
Medical Diagrams
Board design incorporates area to insert medical diagrams for specific procedures
Safety Feature Benefit
Non‐porous surface
Prevent infections, maintain safety for facilities
Secure installation Maintain safety for patients and staff

What Can VisiCare™ Mobile Boards Do For Your Facility?

  • Increase staff and patient satisfaction scores
  • Enhance hospital team success
  • Promote cost-effective care
  • Strengthen an organization’s commitment to its mission
  • Improve patient loyalty, retention and public image
  • Unite the workforce around a strong vision of optimal care

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