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with Nurse Station Boards

The Nurse Station is made for Nurses in every role of your department.

Nurse unit communication boards highlight the mantra “if you want to go far, go together”. Going far simply cannot be done without people to support you. How are your team members contributors within the group? Departments are made up of individuals who each have their unique way of getting things done and could get those things done relatively quickly and without much friction. But then they began to scale, and had to get everyone in the hospital on the same page.

How were they able to grow, while retaining the level of focus of a team of two? Perhaps you’re in this position yourself: hanging in the balance of what happens next, or figuring out how to lead your team to a place of focus. Mirror communication in a visual context is a helpful check for team dynamics. Achieve targeted check-in with Nurse Unit Communication Boards in Plexi or Glass for a modern approach. VisiCareclear Plexi Boards Learn More →

Dry Erase Board for Nurse Stations

What is your budget? Check out the Price Comparison to mix and match board styles accross the hospital.

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Nurse Station Boards Samples

Oversized Hospital Boards

Oversized Hospital Boards

Patients and Staff are not always within 10 feet of the hospital’s white boards, so make sure your communication boards make... Read More →

Digital boards

Digital Boards

Developed to improve communications between patients and caregivers in technologically advanced health care environments. Read More →

Huddle Boards

Huddle Boards

Keep them focused on sharing all relevant information with Nurse Huddle Boards. Ensure they're bought in. Make sure the nurses...Read More →

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