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VisiCare Custom Patient Room Boards

Proven to increase patient satisfaction. Show the patient how the hospital staff is supposed to communicate to empower patients in their own care. Patient satisfaction is formed by how well patients and families understand the care plans. Engage patients and keep them up to date with patient room boards during any length of hospital stay.

Patient room boards personalize care. The simplest solutions can be the most beneficial. Patient boards personalize care by visually sharing all the information written on the board as it relates to the patient in the bed. Beyond that, a nurse doesn’t just write the patient’s name, but what the patient prefers to be called. For example, if a patient’s name is Gabriel, but they prefer to be called “Gabe,” then “Gabe” it is. It is not taken for granted that that a patient might like to be addressed by something other than their legal name. high priority is also a Patient Priority section. Here, a patient can make sure that any special requests, like having their door closed, is noted.

Another example of a patient board sparking communication is a Nurse indicator symbol. Customization such as an indicator box tailors communication to the patient’s previous knowledge. An “M” written in this box alerts staff that the patient is taking a medication that the patient has not taken before. Staff are informed of potential side effects of the medication and let the patient know what to watch for. Once the patient can accurately describe potential side effects, the M is erased from the board.

Patient feedback is important when it comes to communication boards. For example, in a department board refresh project a patient’s feedback with a nurse shared that the white board in her room stated that her next pain medication was due at 2 a.m., but nobody brought it. What the outdated board didn’t say was that the patient needed to request it. That wasn’t clear from the wording, however. As a result, the improved custom designed patient boards read “Next Pain Medication can be requested at:” This wording was reviewed by several patients. It will be used on patient boards throughout the hospital. VisiCare White Boards Learn More →

Dry Erase Board in Patient Room

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