Healthcare Customized
Promotional Products

Healthcare Customized Promotional Products

In the Healthcare division, the VisiCare team is revolutionizing the healthcare industry through improved patient communication tools, thereby enabling our clients to reach new heights in patient satisfaction and outcomes. Our products include VisiCare white boards and more. These boards will be a key instrument through which our healthcare clients will improve their quality of care and optimize their reimbursement levels.

In the Promotional Products division, we work with all industries, including healthcare, to provide solutions for clients’ business sustainability and growth through promotional advertising products. In addition, we source and customize unique products as necessary depending on the client’s industry. We provide solutions for businesses related to achieving marketing goals, communicating with clients, prospects & staff, influencing business growth, retaining employees, and achieving various objectives.

Pediatric Promotions
Celebrate the care of infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatric Promotions →

Nurse Week Promotions
Celebrate your Nurse team this May for Nurse Week. Nurse Week Promotions →

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Be prepared for October this year and promote early detection screenings. Breast Cancer Awareness Month →

Women's Pavilion Spa-Related Incentives
Pamper your clients and encourgae return appointments. Women's Pavilion Spa-Related Incentives →

Community Event Items
Interest locals to your events such as a golf tournaments, local festival, etc.. Community Event Items →

Patient Giveaways
Custom Facility Brand Printed pens, mugs, rulers, bags, apparel and more to make the patient experience more memorable. Patient Giveaways →

Mother & Baby Promotions
Welcome Mother & baby to the hospital. Mother & Baby Promotions →

Wellness Incentives
Drive healthier habits and foster resilience. Wellness Incentives →

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