Safety Boards for High-Risk Environments

Safety Boards Safety Boards

Ideal for Behavorial Health Rooms.

These wall-mountedboards are designed to work with approved safety screws. VisiCare™ Safety Board material is clear, durable and erasable.

Safety Boards

Vetted & Proven for High-Risk Patient Rooms

Safety Boards

Product Details

Safety Edge

Rounded Smooth

Rounded corners and edges provide a smooth finish to the board. No sharp corners.

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Safety Pre-Drilled Holes

Recessed for Patient Safety

Prepared for you. No drilling holes into the board on-site. Fitted for safety screws.

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Safety Screw Compatible

Vetted and Proved

Safety Pre-Drilled Holes work with any tamperproof screw shape, unique heads, making it nearly impossible to remove with common tools. Protect patients with your hospital's designated safety hardware.

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Product Features

Safety Feature Benefit
Non‐porous surface
Prevent infections, maintain safety for facilities
One-Piece Construction No loose pieces improving safety for patients and staff
Secure installation Maintain safety for patients and staff
Multilingual Graphics Reduce patient error by communicating in patient's native language

What Can VisiCare™ Safety Boards Do For Your Facility?

  • Increase staff and patient satisfaction scores
  • Enhance hospital team success
  • Promote cost-effective care
  • Strengthen an organization’s commitment to its mission
  • Improve patient loyalty, retention and public image
  • Unite the workforce around a strong vision of optimal care

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