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Your Partner for Patient Experience

VisiCare™ is the partner of choice for many leading healthcare facilities, hospitals, and federal locations across the United States. We facilitate patient engagement through custom dry erase board development, stylish layout graphics, and design services, while also addressing safety concerns to help you modernize your communication infrastructure.

We help modernize your communication infrastructure and solve various safety-specific issues patients and staff may face.

Healthcare Communication Development Services

We fully customize the healthcare board layout graphics for each hospital, so they coordinate with your other VisiCare Products. As developed with you, our expert Design Team works along with current marketing materials already in use, such as facility websites or billboards.

All VisiCare products feature  layout designs that can be coordinated across departments. We recommend selecting products based on what best suits each department or building within the facility or system. This results in ideal visibility to patients. Furthermore, coordinated communication boards throughout the facility reinforce consistency of care. Most important communication boards should be familiar and consistent in situations where the patient is transferred from one department to another during their stay.

VisiCare™ Team
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Our Client Proven Process

DEVELOP: Our journey begins with the development phase, where we craft customized solutions to suit the distinctive needs of each healthcare facility. By working closely with your team, we gain a deep understanding of your specific requirements and objectives. This level of customization ensures that our boards not only serve as functional tools but also become a true reflection of your institution’s character and mission.

DESIGN: Our experienced Design Team collaborates closely with you, leveraging existing marketing materials such as facility websites and billboards to ensure a cohesive approach.

During this collaborative design process our designers create custom layouts that are both visually attractive and functionally effective. We fully tailor each board to your needs, accounting for branding, aesthetics, and usability. The ultimate aim is to enhance patient engagement, improve safety, and facilitate seamless communication – while promoting your unique brand.

DELIVER: With the boards developed and designed to your specifications, we deliver a wide spectrum of product options.

VisiCare combines development, design, and delivery to provide healthcare institutions with innovative and customized patient communication boards. These boards foster a superior patient experience, improved healthcare services, and simplified infection control. Our holistic approach helps you unify your team around a common vision, elevating patient satisfaction, streamlining communication, and enhancing safety throughout your healthcare facility.

Identify Project Scope

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Art Process & Final Print Approval

Enjoy Your New Custom Boards

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What Can VisiCare™ Boards Do for Your Facility?

VisiCare™ Patient Communication Boards are the key to transforming your healthcare facility. They boost market share by improving loyalty, retention, and public image, while enhancing employee morale, promoting cost-effective care, and embodying your mission.

Explore our comprehensive patient communication solutions, including:

Unite your workforce around a strong vision–Choose VisiCare™ to elevate patient satisfaction, streamline communication, and enhance safety with easy infection control solutions in your healthcare facility!

Order vetted dry erase accessories such as markers and erasers online at our Accessories Shop.

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Our Leadership

“Communicating complex medical information to a wide range of diverse patient populations can be a challenge, but is crucial for ethical, high-quality healthcare.” – Christine Dumas McAtee, CAS

Christine Dumas McAtee, CAS

President and CEO

VisiCare by the Numbers

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Improve and Innovate with the Best Practices

In 2011, Insignia Marketing, Inc. introduced VisiCare™, a revolutionary line of patient communication boards, driven by the growing demand among hospitals to better serve “communication-vulnerable” populations. These boards have since become a cornerstone in enhancing patient communication nationwide.

As industry leaders, we take pride in our role as your trusted partner for Patient Experience Innovation, committed to elevating the patient experience and fostering excellence in healthcare facilities. By actively engaging with your team, we understand the importance of clear communication in healthcare settings and customize a range of products that empower clients to achieve higher patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Our experienced team, with over 20 years in patient care design, ensures tailored solutions for your healthcare facility’s unique needs, emphasizing clear communication, patient engagement, and safety. We collaborate with your staff to enhance HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we invite you to share your product ideas and challenges as we continue our mission to revolutionize patient communication and enhance the healthcare experience.

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Share Your Feedback

We love it when people talk about us on and offline. If you have a compliment, please feel free to add it to any of our review sites linked below. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your team.

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Cheri S.


Visicare was very accommodating and easy to work with. They assisted every step of the way.

Crystal T.


Great experience with developing and ordering. Listened to our ideas on what we wanted for our hospital and nailed it with the design. Great communication between the team and fast service.

Sarah R.


We are delighted to add the VisiCare boards to our patient workflow and increase communication between staff, patients and families. VisiCare staff was knowledgeable and completed our project speedily. I highly recommend!

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Hello In-Person!

Meet VisiCare at conferences to see life-size samples and hear about the latest features to advance the patient experience. Ask our Account Managers about custom healthcare boards for your specific needs. Our experts will provide unique whiteboard solutions for your department, hospital facility and healthcare system. Enjoy these photos from our booth at past conferences and we’ll see you soon! Ready to get started before the next conference? Get started here or call 281.465.0040 to talk to your Account Manager today.
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Prioritizing Human Connection

VisiCare team at Light the Night

The VisiCare™ Corporate Team gathered at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night  event, participating as a part of our compassionate community to celebrate, honor, and remember those impacted by blood cancers. The funds raised by this community support lifesaving research, advocacy, and aid for blood cancer patients and their families. VisiCare™ is dedicated to making a positive impact on healthcare and our community.