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custom white board in silver edge style in hospital room with nurse and patient
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Clear Replacement Lenses for VisiCare™ White Boards

Our patented component solution creates a versatile portal for responsive communication between caregivers and patients using VisiCare™ White Boards. These white boards feature a lens, graphic insert(s), and a board edge. Our Lens Replacements are custom-cut to fit perfectly inside your existing VisiCare White Boards. To maintain the visual clarity of your boards throughout the year, we recommend consistent lens replacements. Keep your boards looking great year-round by scheduling timely renewals every 1-3 years with your Account Manager.

Clear and bright writing surface with replaceable lenses for VisiCare custom white boards, contact us for a quote
Patients Per Year

are affected by Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs), which are often caused by inadequate hand hygiene and inefficient surface cleaning, according to the CDC.


Infection control is a high priority concern for hospitals across the United States.

Infection control is a top priority for hospitals nationwide. According to the CDC, 1.7 million patients are affected by Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) annually, often due to improper hand hygiene and inadequate surface cleaning. The VisiCare™ White Board’s patented component system offers a key advantage by reducing the transmission of viruses, bacteria, and HAIs.

Our lens replacements snugly integrate with the whiteboard, effectively preventing dust and other pathogens from settling on your patient board. To bolster your infection control efforts, it’s crucial to implement the best cleaning protocols in your current facilities and during facility design or renovation. By using VisiCare™ White Board lens replacements, you can easily replace and maintain a clean writing surface, thereby reducing the risk of transmission from inanimate objects to both patients and staff.

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Maintain Clear & Bright Writing Surfaces

A crystal-clear writing surface that showcases your custom graphics is essential for conveying key information. One of the most crucial factors in preserving the cleanliness of your whiteboards is the quality of our materials. VisiCare White Boards employ lens replacements designed to withstand daily cleaning, effectively reducing any ghosting. While the writing surface lens may naturally wear out over time, your custom graphic insert(s) will remain safeguarded from ink staining.

With proper cleaning and care, the optimal lifespan of the replaceable writing surface lens is 1-3 years. To ensure your custom boards consistently appear bright and clear year after year, consult your Account Manager about scheduled Replacement Lenses.

Quick, simple, clear custom white board with replaceable lenses, pictured old lense verses new lenses
Transmission Rate

of infection from inanimate objects to human hands is a daily battle in hospital facilities (NIH).


Infection Control Cleaning & Maintenance Recommendation from VisiCare™

Infection transmission from inanimate objects to human hands is a daily concern in hospital facilities, with a 90% transmission rate, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

To combat this issue, we recommend cleaning patient room boards as needed using low alcohol-based or hospital-grade cleaners, followed by a thorough water rinse. Complete removal of cleaner residue is vital for both hygiene and ensuring your markings remain bold and vibrant. The non-porous VisiCare™ lens material helps minimize infection and debris spread. These measures create a safe, hygienic environment for both patients and healthcare providers.

VisiCare™ also advocates regular disinfection between patients to enhance infection control, preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses. As a useful tip, Care Teams may consider disinfecting the board each morning before updates.



marker holder clear tray style on a whiteboard with dry erase markers
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What Can VisiCare™ Accessories Do for Your Facility?

VisiCare™ Patient Communication Boards are the key to transforming your healthcare and VisiCare™ Accessories elevate their usefulness. They boost market share by improving loyalty, retention, and public image, while enhancing employee morale, promoting cost-effective care, and embodying your mission. 

Explore our comprehensive dry erase accessories solutions, including:

Unite your workforce around a strong vision–Choose VisiCare™ to elevate patient satisfaction, streamline communication, and enhance safety with easy infection control solutions in your healthcare facility!

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