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Customized Design Gallery for Department-Specific Protocols

VisiCare™ Custom Dry Erase Boards for All Facility Levels

Every day presents new challenges: ensuring patient satisfaction, staff management, and meeting regulatory standards. Crafting effective patient care boards can feel daunting, but we’re here to simplify the process. Explore our Design Gallery for tailored ideas. Let a VisiCare™ Consultant handle the rest. Access our FREE downloadable Design Gallery PDF.

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    VisiCare Custom Layouts Create a Clear and Visual Healthcare Journey

    Every layout for every department is custom designed to meet the best practices of the unit’s patient experiences. We create custom layout graphics inserts for many healthcare situations such as burn units, postpartum and department supply tracking. If you don’t see your departments listed below ask a VisiCare Consultant for layout samples for your department. Our layout designs advance the patient journey in over 3,000 facilities. To view previously designed, custom VisiCare department layouts visit the VisiCareDesign Gallery by filling out the form above.

    Acute Care

    Discover acute care solutions with layouts for emergency, intensive care, coronary care, cardiology, neonatal intensive care, and more. Customize your healthcare communication borad content for your facilities specific needs.


    Our custom layouts for high-risk perinatal and antepartum care ensure consistent monitoring of both mother and baby, throughout growth and development.

    Behavioral Health

    The objective of in-patient care isn’t perpetual confinement; it’s to optimize independent living by providing the suitable level of care tailored to each patient’s specific illness.

    Cardiac Care

    Cardiac care whiteboards serve as communication tools for nurses monitoring patients’ hearts across all age groups, documenting the administration of heart medications and testing.

    Cross Department Design

    Aligning with brand standards, our cross-departmental design customizes whiteboard content to meet patient needs, ensuring consistency and integrating safety and mission statements.


    Create a service-oriented culture using visual communication tools to emphasize the importance of empathy and positivity. Reduce time spent on test result follow-ups and facilitate timely hourly rounding.

    Family Birth & Mother Baby

    Childbirth is a time of joy and excitement for both mothers and families. However, for first-time parents or mothers facing at-risk pregnancies, it can also be filled with uncertainty and concern. Creating custom communication boards that show the steps int heir care plan and celebrate the family leaving the hospital together create a stronger team birthing dynamic.

    General Inpatient

    Inpatient stays may range from brief visits to several weeks. Typical inpatient content covers details such as the care team, patient care, and the day’s plan.

    Intensive Care & Step Down

    These units, also known as critical care units, intensive therapy units, or intensive treatment units, offer specialized care. As patients progress, provide step-down content to track their care.

    Let us find the right solution for you now.

    Let Us Find The Right Solution for You Now.

    Labor Delivery

    Provide mothers with a clear plan and comprehensive dilation tracking that aligns with your hospital’s birthing protocols. Custom whiteboards featuring pleasing art offer patients a focal point during labor.


    Equip your medical-surgical nursing staff with effective communication tools to deliver personalized care to hospitalized patients undergoing illness, surgery, or testing and observation.

    NICU & Special Care Nursey

    Caring for every baby with care. Patient boards facilitate visual communication between families and caregivers of infants in Level II Special Care Nursery and Level III Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit.

    Nurses Unit

    Nurses’ stations significantly influence patient care delivery. Designing an effective nursing station communication board is vital for patient care and optimizing hospital operations.

    Nursing Skilled Care

    Emphasizing care for patients and families through communication whiteboards benefits both parties and nursing staff. Share key information such as independence levels and the day’s schedule.

    Observation Clinical Decision

    Observation units provide efficient, protocol-based care to patients. Enhance clarity in patient communication through visual healthcare boards, highlighting testing and medications.


    Strong communication skills are essential for effective patient management. With new technologies, oncologists regularly incorporate updated treatment guidelines into their patients’ healthcare plans, fostering understanding and adaptation.

    OR Scheduling Surgery

    Successful scheduling boards involve leadership, management, and process. Balance the needs for access, productivity, and efficiency.


    Share assessments, diagnoses, and medications with patients. Utilize communication tools to engage patients and enhance their understanding of the treatment plan.

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    Pediatrics & Pediatrics Specialty

    Vibrant graphics tell captivating stories and keep children engaged, while a clear care plan listing instructions and procedures ensure families stay well-informed.


    Homey whiteboards offer a calming presence during challenging and rapidly changing situations. Tailored graphics for postpartum care convey compassion and empathy.


    Communication boards aid nurses in assessing the patient’s physical, psychological, and social states, preparing them for surgery, and implementing nursing interventions.


    How do your patient boards showcase the quality outcomes of the facility? Develop custom graphics that convey patients’ progression towards independence by establishing achievable goals and treatment plans.

    Safe Surgery Time Out

    From timeout solutions to risk identification, clarify role assignments and demonstrate the department’s commitment to thoroughness and error reduction with clear, visual whiteboards.

    Same Day Surgery Outpatient

    Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Center communication whiteboards offer visual tools for assessing pain control, wound care, activity levels, and follow-up appointments, and encourage patients to inquire about procedures and self-care.

    Surgery OR Counts

    Successful OR teams prioritize communication, respect, organization, and anticipation. Utilizing visual count whiteboards enhances organizational efficiency. Visual information sharing among medical team members is essential for professionalism and coordination.


    Patient whiteboards empower nurses to showcase their advanced assessment skills. Customized whiteboards educate patients and families on department-specific guidance, fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals.

    Urgent Care & Triage

    Custom whiteboards enable patient and family comprehension of multi-step treatment plans, prioritize patient needs, and promote calmness during high-stress situations.

    VA Government

    Equip United States Veterans healthcare facilities, medical centers, and outpatient sites with effective communication tools to elevate patient guidance and support.

    Women's Health

    Women’s health encompasses various specialties and focus areas. Therefore, patient room guidance should be tailored accordingly with custom patient boards outlining the specific care plan.

    advance the patient experience with us.

    Advance the patient experience with us.

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