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custom whiteboard in plexi board interchangeable style for medsurg use in flex patient rooms
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Graphic Replacements for Rebranding and Layout Updates

Upgrade your hospital’s image and layout without the need to replace the entire board with our Graphic Replacements. Enhance patient satisfaction scores by periodically updating your graphic inserts. Our replacement graphics are available in stunning full color and are double-sided, suitable for  VisiCare™ White Boards, VisiCareClear™ Plexi Boards and VisiCareClear™ Glass Boards. Don’t forget to inquire about our Glass Magnetic upgrade for added functionality.

Interchangeable and stylish designs with replaceable graphic inserts with samples patient communication boards and a quote bubble for contact us for a quote

Multilingual Double-Sided Graphic Inserts Improve HCAPHS

Multilingual Patient Boards are a valuable tool for alleviating patient concerns about the healthcare system. Culturally competent care hinges on addressing systemic and individual cultural differences that can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. By visually mapping out the multilingual patient journey, caregivers can more effectively gather patient information and determine appropriate care, thereby reducing the risk of negative health outcomes.

Collaborating with families to manage language barriers is essential for improving healthcare quality and safety for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients. Upgrade your current graphic inserts to include double-sided multilingual options, providing flexibility in various room layouts tailored to individual patient needs.

Benefits of our multilingual patient communication boards include:

  • Diverse communication to reduce patient errors and enhance Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) satisfaction scores.
  • Quick-change layouts to optimize patient engagement and address their specific needs through this interactive communication tool.
fresh layout. rebranded. image comparison of old graphic insert versus new graphic insert

Reorder Graphic Insert Replacements for VisiCare™ Board Styles

Our VisiCare™ Graphic Insert Replacements are available for the following Board Styles:

Constructed from premium materials and engineered to withstand the rigors of healthcare environments – discover the difference below!


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Flexible Layouts for Clear Communication

VisiCare™ Glass Boards Interchangeable feature a flexible design that seamlessly supports care transitions, along with eye-catching graphic inserts that beautifully showcase your unique layouts. With Graphic Insert Replacements, it’s easy to refresh your board’s appearance, making it ideal for accommodating multiple languages, particularly with the double-sided insert option. Maintaining compliance is effortless – just swap out graphic inserts without the need to replace the entire board. Plus, you can choose between magnetic and non-magnetic options to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re considering hospital or logo rebranding or layout updates, our Glass Boards offer a versatile solution.

custom whiteboard in plexi board interchangeable style for rehab
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Adaptable Design for Collaborative Care

VisiCare™ Plexi Boards Interchangeable offer a flexible design, visually engaging graphic inserts to showcase custom layouts, and easy graphic insert replacements to keep your board’s appearance fresh. Stay current and compliant by purchasing updated graphics without replacing the entire board, making it an ideal solution for hospital rebranding or policy changes. Improve patient satisfaction by accommodating multiple languages with double-sided inserts and regularly updating patient-centered graphics as needed. Say goodbye to the hassle of buying a new whiteboard whenever policies change; simply swap out your graphic inserts.

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Interchangeable Components Update with Ease

With our VisiCare™ White Boards, keeping your patient communication up-to-date has never been easier. These patented boards feature a unique design that allows for quick and straightforward graphic insert replacements without replacing the entire whiteboard. This feature empowers you to continuously refresh your whiteboard’s appearance, ensuring that it remains relevant and engaging.

Whether you need to display new information, language translations, or adapt to evolving hospital policies, our Graphic Insert Replacements provide a cost-effective and convenient solution.

Consider enhancing your VisiCare™ White Board with our patented Dry Erase Graphic Insert option, combining the lens and dry erase graphic insert into a single, rewritable surface.

marker holder clear tray style on a whiteboard with dry erase markers
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What Can VisiCare™ Accessories Do for Your Facility?

VisiCare™ Patient Communication Boards are the key to transforming your healthcare and VisiCare™ Accessories elevate their usefulness. They boost market share by improving loyalty, retention, and public image, while enhancing employee morale, promoting cost-effective care, and embodying your mission.

Explore our comprehensive dry erase accessories solutions, including:

Unite your workforce around a strong vision–Choose VisiCare™ to elevate patient satisfaction, streamline communication, and enhance safety with easy infection control solutions in your healthcare facility!

Order vetted dry erase accessories such as markers and erasers online at our Accessories Shop and Amazon.