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// Care & Process FAQ

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How to Clean and Care for Your VisiCare™ Dry Erase Boards

To maintain your VisiCare™ Dry Erase Boards, follow these simple cleaning and care instructions:

  1. Use a clean, soft, lint-free or micro-fiber cloth to clean the board. Apply only light pressure for best results. For streak-free cleaning, lightly dampen the cloth with water. We recommend using VisiCare™ Microfiber Erasers, which are disposable and should be changed between patient care or as frequently as your facility suggests for infection control.
  2. If necessary, you can apply a diluted ammonia-free glass cleaner onto the cloth and then wipe the board's surface. Never spray cleaners directly on the board's surface.
  3. DO NOT use coarse or abrasive cleaning agents, powdered scouring compounds, ammonia-based sprays, or solvents, as they can damage the board.

If you have concerns about how your cleaning solutions will interact with VisiCare™ products, we recommend testing your cleaning practices on a VisiCare™ materials sample. Please request a sample through your consultant today. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your boards are our top priorities.

How Can I Remove Permanent Ink from a VisiCare™ Dry Erase Board?

To remove permanent ink from your VisiCare™ Dry Erase Board, follow these steps:

  1. Use a dry erase marker (or a wet erase marker) to trace over the permanent ink marks.
  2. After tracing over the marks, erase the board as you normally would.
  3. It may require several attempts of this process to completely remove the permanent ink.
What Type Of Warranty Is Provided?

We provide a one-year manufacturing warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship. Please note that warranty returns will not be accepted without prior written authorization, as specified in our Returns Policy. Your satisfaction and the quality of our products are important to us, and we are committed to addressing any issues covered by our warranty.

What Are The Weight Spec For Glass Boards?
SizeNon-Magnetic lbs.Interchangeable option with magnetic top/bottom strips. Total board weightDirect print option with full magnetic backing. Total board weight:
22" x 28"14.04 lbs.16.04 lbs.18.32 lbs.
24" x 30"16.40 lbs.18.40 lbs.21.40 lbs.
36" x 48"39.36 lbs.41.36 lbs.51.36 lbs.
48" x 72"78.72 lbs.80.72 lbs102.72 lbs.
What Accessories Do You Offer For VisiCare™ Dry Erase Boards?

We offer a wide range of accessories to enhance your VisiCare™ Dry Erase Boards, including:

  • VisiCare™ Round Tip Markers
  • VisiCare™ Chisel Markers
  • VisiCare™ Mini Markers
  • VisiCare™ Microfiber Erasers
  • VisiCare™ Replaceable PVC Sturdy Full-Color Graphic Inserts
  • VisiCare™ Replaceable Clear Erasable Lenses

In addition to these accessories, we also offer various care team compliance items and rewards designed to promote the correct use of VisiCare™ dry erase whiteboards. Our offerings include customized scrubs, incentives, and awards in a wide range of price points.

You can conveniently order these Dry Erase Accessories from our online Accessories Shop, or feel free to contact us by phone at 281.465.0040 or via email at info@visicare.com. We are here to assist you in selecting the right accessories to complement your VisiCare™ Dry Erase Boards.

Which Types Of Markers May Be Used On VisiCare™ Dry Erase Boards?

For all VisiCare™ Dry Erase Style Whiteboards we recommend using VisiCare™ markers. These markers not only  extend the protection of the surface, but also help to reduce stains.

VisiCare™ MINI DRY ERASE markers are our MOST POPULAR erasable markers for infection control in healthcare facilities. Nurses can conveniently clip a mini marker to their badge holders, ensuring they always have access to a marker.

For Which Languages Are Translations Available?

We offer translations on Multilingual Healthcare Communication Boards for any  languages encountered at your care facility. Please let us know your specific language requirements, and we'll be happy to assist.

How Are Visicare™ Dry Erase Boards Installed?

Upon delivery confirmation, you will receive installation instructions. Please note that VisiCare™ does not manage or provide installation services for the boards.

What Is A Typical Lifespan Of A VisiCare™ Healthcare Communication Board?

Please see our Durability Sheet for more information.

VisiCare™ White Boards are component-based and can be refreshed with updated graphic inserts and replacement writing surface lenses. When properly cleaned, the replaceable writing surface lens can have an optimal lifespan of 1-3 years. Contact your Account Manager to discuss scheduled Replacement Lenses, ensuring your custom boards remain bright and clear year after year. Instead of purchasing a whole new whiteboard, choose the more affordable option with VisiCare™ White Boards.

Art & Design

Will I be Charged Artwork Setup Fees to Create Customized Layouts for My Facility?

On all Board orders above $5,000, the following is WAIVED for one layout:

  • Initial design consultation
  • Initial proof and up to 3 edits
  • Setup Fees  

Please contact us for details on how to receive additional FREE layouts.

What is included in the FREE Setup Custom design(s) For Orders Over $5000?

The FREE design setup comprises the initial design layout and up to three edits of that design. Any additional edits beyond three for the same layout will incur an additional charge.

Will You be Able to Produce Our Boards Using Graphic Layout(s) We Created In-House?

Absolutely, you can submit your own layouts for the production of VisiCare™ boards. Prior to designing custom art, please request a size template. It's important to vectorize all fonts and art before submission.

Is There A Charge For Additional Language Layouts (To Interchange As Needed)?

Yes, there are charges associated with additional language layouts. Please contact us for more information regarding the specific languages you require to be translated.

How Can I Submit Art Files Over 5MB?

We have special instructions for uploading large files. Please email Art@VisiCare.com to request the upload instructions.


What Is The Minimum Quantity To Order A Custom Size For Visicare™ Dry Erase Boards?

The minimum order quantity is 10 boards. Additional charges apply for any quantities ordered below this minimum.


Can My Hospital System Receive Volume Pricing If We Don't Place All Orders On The Same Day?

We offer special price incentives for purchasing coordinated boards throughout multiple departments and facilities of a hospital system. Contact VisiCare™ at 281.465.0040 or orders@VisiCare.com for more information on coordinating designs for multiple facility systems.

How Much Time In Transit Will It Take To Ship My Order?

Transit time for shipping is estimated at 1-5 days. When you place your order, please provide any "in-hands" dates so we can coordinate timing accordingly.

What State Does My Order Ship From?

VisiCare™ currently ships orders from Illinois and Texas. Please provide any "in-hands" dates so we may coordinate timing accordingly.

Where Does VisiCare Ship To?

VisiCare can ship anywhere! We ship orders to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Please Note:  Shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii are not included in the board price.  Shipping costs outside of the US are not included in the board price.

Outside of US:
We CAN and DO ship anywhere, however shipping cost is NOT INCLUDED in the board price

How Long Will Production Take For My Order?

All VisiCare™ Dry Erase Board Styles:

For all IN STOCK sizes, orders typically ship within 2-6 weeks depending on the quantity once all artwork is approved.

For OUT OF STOCK sizes, orders usually ship within 5-10 weeks. However, we can significantly reduce this lead time by reserving or pre-ordering the board sizes required for your order upon receiving your deposit. This process typically aligns with the finalization, editing, and approval of artwork, ensuring no delays in production once the artwork is ready.

Is There Any Way I Can Reduce The Production Time, As We Are In A Rush For Visicare™ Dry Erase Board Styles?

Yes, we can expedite the lead time for out-of-stock and custom orders by reserving (or pre-ordering) the necessary board sizes upon receipt of your deposit. This deposit and reservation process usually coincides with the finalization, editing, and approval of artwork, ensuring seamless production once the artwork is approved. Upon receiving the deposit, we will initiate production and await artwork approval to finalize production.

For first time VisiCare HD™ Digital Boards, we advise working with VisiCare™ in advance of the digital project beginning and complete the art process for other VisiCare™ whiteboards styles. Using existing designs in the units and having staff comments and updates ready is ideal for moving the digital project production along more quickly.

// Size Specs FAQ

VisiCare™ Board Standard Sizes

We offer popular standard sizes, and custom sizes are available upon request. The orientation of the dry erase board can be selected as horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait). Our whiteboards are tailored precisely to your specifications.

Direct Print Glass Boards


Interchangeable Glass Boards


*Custom sizes are available upon request, and a Magnetic Upgrade option is also available.

Direct Print Plexi Boards


Interchangeable Plexi Boards


*Custom sizes are available upon request.

1″ Edge in Silver or Black

24″x36″28″x35″ 30″x40″

1.25″ Edge in Silver or Black

24″x36″28″x35″ 30″x40″

1.75″ Edge in Silver or Black


*Custom sizes are available upon request.

Flexible Decal Boards


Rigid Decal Boards


*Custom sizes are available upon request, and a Magnetic Upgrade option is also available up to 24″ x 36″


*Custom sizes are available upon request.

// Maintenance FAQ

VisiCare™ Board Maintenance Guides

Thank you for choosing VisiCare™ to enhance your facility’s communication experience and improve patient satisfaction with our beautiful VisiCare™ Boards.


VisiCare™ Boards are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Follow these handy guides to ensure long lasting use.

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