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Improve HCAPHS with Multilingual Boards

Language barriers present significant challenges for both medical professionals and patients, impacting the delivery of high-quality healthcare and patient safety. When cultures and languages clash, physicians may struggle to provide the care they are trained to deliver. Larger healthcare institutions often offer interpreter services to mitigate these challenges. Additionally, visual tools can significantly improve the patient experience, healthcare access, satisfaction, and communication.

Prioritizing local community languages demonstrates a hospital’s commitment to addressing language barriers. In multicultural and minority populations, communication challenges are exacerbated by behavioral, cognitive, linguistic, contextual, and cultural differences. Research indicates that removing language and cultural barriers can enhance services for minority populations. Visual care plans signal a commitment to effective communication beyond language limitations.

Boost Communication Satisfaction & Patient Safety

Multilingual patient boards can alleviate the fear of being a burden by serving as communication tools. Culturally competent care hinges on resolving systemic and individual cultural differences to avoid conflicts. Visual mapping of the multilingual patient journey empowers caregivers to gather patient information and negotiate appropriate care, averting potential health consequences. Collaborating with families to address language barriers is crucial for enhancing healthcare quality and safety for limited English proficient (LEP) patients.

For your healthcare organization, the next step involves engaging with LEP patients in care planning during facility planning or renovations. Start by connecting with VisiCare™, your partner in addressing language barriers and guiding patient care effectively.

Translation Layouts Options for Multilingual Boards

VisiCare offers dual-sided graphic boards with English layout on one side and reversible second language layout on the other. Both sides feature identical patient layout content. Only available in VisiCare’s interchangeable graphic boards. Get Started →

VisiCare offers a same-side layout to ensure equal priority for English and the second language on one-sided graphics. This option is available in both interchangeable graphic and Direct Print board styles. Get Started →

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