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Small Space Boards with Big Impact

In today’s healthcare settings, patient rooms and nursing spaces serve diverse functions. Patients await lab results, undergo procedures, and families seek updates from nurses or physicians, often in anticipation of discharge. Infused with residential influences like custom art graphics, these spaces prioritize personalized comfort.

In environments with limited wall space, whiteboards play a crucial role in creating a family-friendly and adaptable setting for patients and their families. They offer visual healthcare and artistic elements to every patient room.

Interchangeable graphics allow whiteboards to fulfill various functions tailored to patients’ needs. Our VisiCare™ White Board for Corners optimizes space, allowing placement in room corners and enhancing the viewing angle from the patient’s bed.

Empower your healthcare facility with VisiCare™ Patient Boards, where small spaces become opportunities for impactful communication. Learn more about how our innovative solutions can transform patient experiences. VisiCare White Boards for Corners Learn More →

Hospital Boards Highlight Key Information

In patient-centered healthcare, environmental design plays a crucial role beyond clinical care. Custom art on patient boards not only entertains children but also enhances the visibility of key information.

Flexible patient whiteboards are integral to keeping healthcare facilities aligned with evolving standards. Say goodbye to cumbersome flip-pads and mounted whiteboards. Our self-adhering custom decal boards instantly transform smooth surfaces into patient boards and writing areas.

Limited wall space poses no challenge with VisiCare™ solutions. Our Decal Boards optimize smooth surfaces in smaller rooms, ensuring key information is accessible. Explore VisiCare™ Decal Boards for your organization’s needs. Learn More →

Planning a new facility or refreshing existing spaces? VisiCare™ provides guidance and solutions tailored to your healthcare organization’s requirements. Get started with us today.

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