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Door Entry Patient Boards Clarify Patient Attending

Patient Door entry boards facilitate pre-room entry communication crucial for patient care. Nurses and staff rely on them to understand patient precautions, minimizing falls, infections, and other risks. Your attending patient room signs will adhere to your department’s best practices. 

Beyond their core function, our completely customizable communication boards double as notice holders, ideal for displaying frequently changing messages. Our patented design ensures easy and hygienic message interchange, enhancing your space and elevating the perceived value of your postings while eliminating wall clutter.

VisiCare™ Patient Door Entry Boards are:

Durable: VisiCare™ boards are engineered with durable materials to withstand the demands of modern healthcare settings, featuring interchangeable layouts for adaptable room configuration.

Customizable: Our graphic artists personalize board designs to precisely fit your precautionary needs, be it isolation precautions, infection control guidelines, or other safety measures.

Visible: Designed with high-contrast colors and concise language, our alerts are easily seen from afar, reducing the chance of oversight. Our VisiCare™ Art Team can create custom precaution callouts, or you can provide your own standards.

VisiCare™ Door Entry boards are meticulously crafted to meet the long-term needs of hospital staff. Contact Us to Get Started →

custom door entry dry erase patient communication whiteboard samples in plexi board interchangeable style and white board in silver edge style

High-Risk Area Wayfinding

In healthcare environments, safety often overshadows aesthetics, but it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Our healthcare-designed wayfinding signage prioritizes safety while maintaining visual appeal. These single-piece signs are meticulously crafted to prevent ligatures, featuring recessed holes for secure mounting and rounded corners for ligature resistance.

Our VisiCare™ Safety Boards are specifically engineered for patient safety, with wall-mounted designs compatible with approved safety screws and sealed construction. The room number signs are made from clear, durable, and dry-erase re-writable material, ensuring longevity and functionality. Our boards integrate custom artwork to promote a calming environment while emphasizing patient safety through number signs and precaution displays.

For proven, high-quality, and market-tested products, connect with one of our experts today VisiCare Safety Boards Learn More →


custom whiteboard safety board style for Behavioral health showing hospital room door numbers, patient room signs, safety graphics, rounded corners and recessed holes

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