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Custom Room Boards Improve HCAHPS Scores

Custom Whiteboards designed for your hospital rooms are proven to increase HCAHPS scores in patient satisfaction. These boards demonstrate how hospital staff communicate, empowering patients in their own care. Patient satisfaction hinges on how well patients and families understand care plans. Keep patients engaged and informed throughout their hospital stay with personalized patient room boards.

Patient room boards enhance personalized care. Simple solutions often yield significant benefits. These boards visually convey all pertinent information related to the patient. Moreover, nurses go beyond merely writing the patient’s name; they note the patient’s preferred name. We understand that patients may prefer to be addressed differently from their legal name. Additionally, there’s a high-priority section where patients can ensure that special requests, like having their door closed, are noted.

Nurse Indicators in the Room

Hospitals that use communication tools like Custom Patient Room Boards see increased nurse engagement in hospital administration. Patient and nurse-centric boards foster greater investment in the care journey, enhancing the hospital environment and visibility of hospital governance.

Take the Nurse Indicator symbol for example. Customizing the board with an indicator box tailors communication, in this case to the patient’s existing knowledge. For instance, an “M” written in this box alerts staff that the patient is taking a new medication, prompting staff to inform the patient about potential side effects and what to monitor. Once the patient can accurately describe potential side effects, the “M” is erased from the board.

Patient feedback is key to refining communication boards. In a recent department board refresh project, a patient’s input revealed that the whiteboard in her room stated her next pain medication was due at 2 a.m., but it wasn’t delivered. The issue was clarity; it wasn’t apparent that the patient needed to request it. Consequently, improved custom-designed patient boards now indicate “Next Pain Medication can be requested at: 2 pm.” This wording, refined with input from multiple patients, will be implemented across the hospital’s patient boards.

patient room whiteboard samples in custom sizes and branded

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