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Temporary and Adjustable Whiteboards Make Existing Patient Rooms More Flexible

Is your hospital rebranding or just got bought out by another system? The wall paint color in the facility has been fading for a number of years. As we move forward into new brand guidelines, bring your patient boards with you as you embrace new colors and new custom graphics by Resurfacing the whiteboard with low-tach adhesive, custom VisiCare Decal Boards.

Evidence-based design finds that most professionals say that they perform their jobs better in spaces that are well designed. Communication board choices also need to support a Hospital’s brand missions and values. How hospital design and patient information tools are combined can also set the tone for the hospital and patient experience, be it calm, cheerful, stately or innovative. Quickly update your tired boards with Easy Apply decal whiteboards that stick to any smooth area for a new writing surface.

Renew Communication Dry Erase Boards by Resurfacing Existing Boards

Update your whiteboard graphics with a few of these tips:

  1. Consider your wellness initiatives
  2. Input from design-oriented marketing guidelines such as Pantone colors and font choice
  3. Geographical location and iconic visuals

The result can be a wide range of on-brand department specific, unique whiteboards that nursing staff can consider when creating or renovating patient room and staff spaces that encourage ownership of care, creativity and communication. VisiCare Decal Boards Learn More →

What does all of this mean for your Healthcare organization? When the time comes to plan a new facility or refresh existing spaces and you need some guidance, get started here — VisiCare is here to help.

Nurse & Staff, Technology
Product Communication Solutions:

Need some help? Our consultants will find the right solution for you.

custom resurfacing decal boards over old white boards

Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Apply on any door,on any glass wall, write directly on decal dry erase, on any smooth surface with fast application. VisiCare Decal Board are antibacterial and an ideal communication dry erase tool for hospital rooms, nurse stations, and other areas where patient health is the greatest priority.
VisiCare  Decal Boards Learn More →

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