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Real Time Updates Put Everyone on the Same Level and Make it Easier for Transition of Care.

Custom layouts for your digital patient boards that update based on patient care. Create an experience that offers personalized guidance for patients and family members. Imagine an inpatient schedule updates, ‘Physical therapy at two o’clock, X-Ray at four o’clock,’ now your patient is engaged and knows when things are happening. Staff and patients can access educational materials, and learn more about their own medical care plan, EHR, or care team. From a family engagement standpoint, smart hospital rooms are connecting caregivers with more information about patient health and real time updates about health status and procedures. This helps family members learn more about their loved ones’ health and know where they are on the care journey. This includes patient name and attending physician, but also extends to certain infections a patient might have or her fall risk.

Seamless Connection to Your Patients with Real Time Updates

Real Time Boards allow the provider to seamlessly pull up the EHR for both them and the patient to view, or lets a child keep watching his program on the tablet while his clinician discusses charts with his parents. Also, sharing mobility and pain goals with patients acknowledges and supports a system of success. It is a visual reminder your staff want to make sure their pain is managed and that they potentially reach some level of mobility. Visualizing daily goals keeps patients from getting discouraged on their way to achieving weekly goals and quicker discharges. Our client’s digital hospital rooms are designed with a hospital’s specific patient population mind, featuring different tools that will make the care experience better for that demographic. VisiCareHD Digital Boards Learn More →

What does all this mean for your Healthcare organization budget? Get Started here to find out. When the time comes to plan yearly budgets or refresh existing spaces Visicare is here to help.

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Product Communication Solutions:

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Patient Safety & Alerts Solutions

  • EHR Data Interface Efficiently Reduces Manual Input Saving Nurses Time
  • Immediate-Attention Care Team Alerts Enhance Response Times

VisiCareHD Digital Board are an ideal communication tool for hospital rooms, nurse stations, and other areas where patient health is the greatest priority.
VisiCareHD Digital Boards Learn More →

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