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nurse station whiteboard and nurses

Make the Nurses’ Station Work for Everyone

Nurse unit communication boards emphasize the power of teamwork. Achieving our goals hinges on the support of our team members. Each department comprises individuals with distinct approaches to tasks. While individual efforts might suffice for quick results with minimal friction, scalability necessitates alignment across the hospital. To promote nurse engagement in hospital affairs and ensure department-wide success, it’s crucial to implement unique whiteboards that reflect your team’s best practices. These boards should feature custom numbering systems, facilitating clear communication and encouraging collaborative participation among nurses and staff hospital-wide.

Unify Your Team with Nurse Unit Boards

Maintaining growth while preserving the focus of a two-person team is a challenge. If you find yourself in this situation, you might be pondering the next steps or exploring methods to guide your team. Visual communication is a valuable tool for assessing team dynamics. Nurse Unit Communication Boards in Plexi or Glass offer a contemporary solution for effective real-time check-ins. VisiCare Plexi Boards Learn More →

Product Communication Solutions:

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nurse unit station whiteboard samples in custom white board style in silver and black edge, and plexi board direct print style

Evidence-based Practice in Healthcare

Nurse Units benefit significantly from Gemba whiteboards, which are evidence-based practice (EBP) tools designed to enhance workplace efficiency and patient care. Gemba boards, originating from Japan, are visual management tools equipped with attached pockets for interchangeable letter-sized documents containing facility-specific EBP data.

The content of a Gemba Nurse and Staff Board typically includes EBP metrics, patient values metrics, and decision-making processes for patient care. Our Design Team members specialize in crafting custom board layouts focusing on workplace safety, quality goals, material flow, delivery metrics, and productivity efforts.

Examples of EBP in nursing practice include:

  1. Infection Control: Tracking rates to prevent hospital infections, ensuring patient safety.
  2. Oxygen Use in Patients: Monitoring and managing tailored to facility needs.
  3. Blood Pressure Measurement: Implementing standards for adults and children.
  4. Fall Prevention: Daily tracking raises awarenessand promotes safety during huddles.

Nurse Station boards, shown above in VisiCare™ Plexi Boards, also available in VisiCare™ Glass Boards, support EBP by facilitating problem tracking and immediate action for improvement.

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