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VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards
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Transform Care with Interactive Digital Boards

Revolutionize patient care with VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards, your high-tech solution to communication in healthcare settings. These electronic, interactive boards offer real-time patient and staffing updates, eliminating the reliance on low-tech whiteboards in each hospital room. Update with Digital Boards automatically synchronize to your EPIC electronic health records. Enhance efficiency, communication, and patient care with VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards today.

Digital Screen

Our sleek 24-hour digital screens provide real-time patient-centered information and easy-to-use interface, accessed through a clinical web portal.

Server Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate our systems with EHRs like Epic for effortless data migration, streamlining healthcare exchange and improving care coordination

Custom Design

Elevate your facility's identity with our in-house design team's custom graphics. Tailored layouts enhance your branding and regulatory compliance.

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Digital Board Benefits

Always Available

Industrial-grade displays operate 24/7 for continuous access.

Independent Display

Improve patient satisfaction with dedicated displays.

Streamlined Management

Reduce hours spent on manual updates with efficient communication features.

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Delivering Healthcare in the Digital Age

Our Digital Boards are compatible with EPIC EHR system, ensuring vendor-neutral adaptability for hassle-free implementation.

Seamless EHR Integration

Seamless EHR Integration

We are experts in enhancing the patient experience through our cutting-edge communication boards.

Patient Experience Specialists

Patient Experience Specialists

Trust in our Digital Boards for safe and precise patient data sourcing, promoting a higher standard of care.

Secure and Accurate Data

Secure and Accurate Data

Experience improved health information exchange, fostering better communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Enhanced Health Data Exchange

Enhanced Health Data Exchange
Let us find the right solution for you now.

Let Us Find The Right Solution for You Now.

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Care Guidance

VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards have been specifically designed to enhance communication between patients and caregivers within technologically advanced healthcare settings. These boards are a valuable tool for hospitals seeking to elevate patient care quality, enhance patient satisfaction, and boost staff efficiency.

The Digital Patient Board displays essential information, including the patient’s name, current care provider, attending physician, interactive pain management reference, medication details, and other conventional whiteboard indicators. The system can automatically update this information as clinicians log into the patient’s chart during shift changes and as updates occur in the patient’s record.

Increase staff and patient satisfaction scores by implementing this cutting-edge solution to patient care.

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Join the Next Generation of Patient Care

Our High Definition (HD) graphics not only captivate but also enhance patient safety while minimizing errors. The Autofill information feature pulls designated data directly from your EHR, presenting real-time updates on the Patient Board. This not only saves nurses precious time but also ensures patients, care teams, and families stay informed. Boost patient satisfaction scores by periodically refreshing your design.

Our expert art team crafts custom digital graphics to align with your hospital’s branding and meet department-specific requirements. These graphics guide patients through their healthcare journey and actively engage them in their care plan. Our custom layouts cater to care team identification, clinical details, care coordination, progress notes, and vital patient safety information, including fall risk, mobility, pain levels, and comfort goals.

 Watch the Digital Board Demo for Inpatient Departments today and transform your patient communication experience.


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Take the Digital Assessment

  • Get Started with our VisiCareHD™ Digital Boards program today!
  • Determine the scope of your Digital Board with our Complexity Level Guide.
  • Complete the Guided Questionnaire for Digital Assessment

Review the Complexity Level Guide

Our Patient Boards offer custom content fields to match your facility’s practices. Use our complexity guide to determine the right content levels for effective visual communication.

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What Can VisiCare™ Boards Do for Your Facility?

VisiCare™ Patient Communication Boards are the key to transforming your healthcare facility. They boost market share by improving loyalty, retention, and public image, while enhancing employee morale, promoting cost-effective care, and embodying your mission.

Explore our comprehensive patient communication solutions, including:

Unite your workforce around a strong vision–Choose VisiCare™ to elevate patient satisfaction, streamline communication, and enhance safety with easy infection control solutions in your healthcare facility!

Order vetted dry erase accessories such as markers and erasers online at our Accessories Shop.

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