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VisiCare™ Decal Boards
custom whiteboard in decal board style for patient room door
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Enhance Surfaces with Adaptable and Antibacterial Decals

VisiCare™ Decal Boards offer an effective communication solution featuring a dry-erase writing surface and repositionable backing. Designed for use in hospital rooms, nurse stations, and other critical areas prioritizing patient well-being, these boards eliminate the need for flip-pads, mounted whiteboards, and visual display board stands.

Our self-adhering custom decal boards seamlessly transform virtually any smooth surface into an instant patient board and writing area. Choose from Flexible and Rigid Decal options to suit your needs, providing dry-erase whiteboards nearly anywhere that communication support is needed. Add a Magnetic layer for even more versatility!

Make communication easier and more efficient with VisiCare™ Decal Boards.

Decal Board

• Made from antibacterial non-porous material
• Tailored to your precise size specifications
• Easy-to-apply backing for attachment to any smooth surface.

Ease of Use

• This one-piece decal surface offers the convenience of writing and changing information on the whiteboard
• Superior erasability while preserving your custom art and labels.

Custom Design

• Our Art Team creates custom graphic layouts for your facility and departments
• Incorporating comforting art encourages patients to engage with the whiteboard more frequently

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Explore the Benefits of Decal Boards

Erasable Surface Decal

Easily write and revise information on the eraseable surface

Repositionable Graphics

Utilize flexible decals for instant layout or translation changes

Sturdy for Daily Use

Rigid Decals offer exceptional durability for an extended lifespan

decal board samples with magnetic upgrade
Non‐porous Surface

A non-porous surface prevents infections within your healthcare facility

Secure Installation

Prioritize patients and staff safety with an optional high-risk tamper-proof securing system

Resurface Existing Whiteboards

Revitalize your current dry erase boards with custom graphics and a fresh writing surface

Let us find the right solution for you now.

Let Us Find The Right Solution for You Now.

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Patient Census Expansion & Construction

Prepare for patient surges or construction confusion with our Decal Boards. These boards can be installed by anyone, anywhere, and at any time in just minutes, without the need for any special tools or even a squeegee. We offer different orientations and sizes in your custom layout to ensure maximum flexibility. Designed for:

  • Crisis situations requiring added capacity.
  • Easy installation without the need for drilling holes.
  • Safe for application on any smooth surface.


decal interior patient room whiteboards
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Explore Unique Solutions for Unique Situations

Our VisiCare™ Decal Boards are available in two styles:

  • Flexible Decal
  • Rigid Decal

Constructed from high-quality materials, and available with a Magnetic layer for Flexible Decals – Call today to customize Decal Boards to fit any space!

Popular sizes:

  • 24″x36″
  • 24″x30″
  • 30″x40″

Pictured: Flexible VisiCare™ Decal Board resurfacing a VisiCareClear™ board for Surgery/OR best practice updates.

custom resurface white board with decal board flexible style to a magentic glass board
// board style flexible

Flexible Decal Board Style

Make Existing Patient Rooms More Flexible. Adapt Your Communication with Flexible Style Decal Boards:

  • Easily applied to any hospital surface without the need for holes, ensuring an air-bubble-free installation.
  • Suitable for any smooth, cleanable surface to achieve the best installation results. Ensure the surface is cleaned before applying.
  • Explore VisiCare™ Decal resurfacing applications for a budget-friendly way to breathe new life into existing whiteboards, regardless of size.
  • Transition into new brand guidelines seamlessly by resurfacing existing whiteboards with flexible decal boards, embracing fresh colors and custom graphics.
  • Upgrade to Magnetic Decal Boards for magnetic indicators or attaching photos and notices, accommodating sizes up to 24″ x 36″.
// board style rigid

Rigid Decal Board Style

Strengthen Your Communication with Rigid Style Decal Boards:

  • Sturdy, stiff writing surface that facilitates clear and consistent writing.
  • Repositionable adhesive backing, allowing them to be applied easily to various hospital areas without the need for holes or special mounting hardware.
  • Apply to a wide range of smooth surfaces, including walls, while still providing a firm writing surface. It’s essential to ensure the surface is clean before installation.
  • Easy placement, enabling them to be easily relocated to different areas as needed. This versatility enhances staff and patient satisfaction by ensuring that critical information is accessible where it’s needed most.

NICU Isolette Boards

VisiCare™ Decal Boards can be designed especially for NICU incubators and isolettes. Make the NICU incubator and isolette space uniquely yours with branded graphics. These lightweight and flexible dry-erase boards adhere to smooth surfaces and enable families to view their babies and the daily care plan. They also assist staff by allowing for pre-printed bassinet numbers, ensuring quick and easy identification.

Order vetted dry erase accessories such as markers and erasers online at our Accessories Shop.

Enhancing Safety in High-Risk Areas

Behavioral Health environments require specialized attention due to unique patient needs. Eliminate loose pieces to enhance safety for both patients and staff. Our tamper-proof caulking contains properties designed to prevent idle tampering and vandalism, ensuring the well-being of patients and staff alike.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Decreased Risk of Legal Action
  • Extended Service Life of Boards

Seal your VisiCare™ Decal Boards using tamper-proof caulking like  DynaFlex™ SC  or your preferred vendor.

custom white board decal board style in patient room with hospital bed
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What Can VisiCare™ Boards Do for Your Facility?

VisiCare™ Patient Communication Boards are the key to transforming your healthcare facility. They boost market share by improving loyalty, retention, and public image, while enhancing employee morale, promoting cost-effective care, and embodying your mission.

Explore our comprehensive patient communication solutions, including:

Unite your workforce around a strong vision–Choose VisiCare™ to elevate patient satisfaction, streamline communication, and enhance safety with easy infection control solutions in your healthcare facility!

Order vetted dry erase accessories such as markers and erasers online at our Accessories Shop.

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