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patient & nurse with safety boards for Behavioral Health

Improve Infection Control and Patient Safety

With the Behavioral Health department’s emphasis on Mental Health within the hospital’s High-Risk zone, there’s a heightened demand for services, especially in substance abuse and mental health disorders. This highlights the paramount importance of patient safety. Clear communication with patients is pivotal for the program’s efficacy, and research emphasizes the significance of visual learning.

Enhance Patient Safety with Behavioral Health Patient Boards

Characteristics of an ideal mental health communication tool, considering practical factors and policy goals, include:

  1. Clarity and Definition: Clearly outline patient rules, logistics, and daily goals.
  2. Alignment with Patient Goals: Emphasize shared decision-making to combat treatment disengagement.
  3. Consistency with Objectives: Utilize visual cues aid individuals in managing their illnesses, enhancing their quality of life. Establish customized visitor guidelines tailored to each patient’s needs.
  4. Demonstrated Effectiveness: Design the patient’s journey to be applicable in real-world settings. Adapt the communication board based on feedback from both staff and patients. By embodying these attributes, communication boards can effectively facilitate Behavioral Health practices, promoting patient engagement and safety.
Patient Guidance
Product Communication Solutions:

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custom whiteboard in safety board style for behavioral health

Patient Focused Safety Solutions

In healthcare spaces, safety has understandably taken precedence over aesthetics, often leading to a neglected appearance. However, recent insights have highlighted the importance of normalizing patient surroundings, which includes providing substantial levels of privacy and dignity, ultimately contributing to faster recovery. Encouraging patients to nurture and respect their bodies, allocate time for mindfulness, and take ownership of their care are pivotal aspects of this approach. Integrating visual reminders can offer new ways to manage stress, anxiety, or depression.

VisiCare™ Safety Boards are an easy solution tailored to these principles. Our wall-mounted patient boards are engineered with approved safety screws and sealed securely to the wall. The board material is clear, durable, and erasable, featuring one-piece construction for elevated safety. If you are looking for proven, high-quality, market-tested products, connect with one of our consultants today to learn more about VisiCare Safety Boards Learn More →

custom whiteboard safety board style for Behavioral health showing suicide prevention art, patient safety graphics, rounded corners and recessed holes

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