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Patient Rooms with Interactive Digital Whiteboard Display

Resolve what can be an awkward process of collecting and inputting patient information with a seamless integrated and engaging electronic solution that brings patient, doctor and technology together. The value of supporting person-to-person consulting is an integral part of the exam process. When healthcare providers and patients view information together, they communicate better and learn more.

Digital White Boards promote patient comprehension with automatic acronym translation and continuously updating information as the providers revise the patient’s electronic health records (EHRs). The patient rooms today are about guidance and the care journey. They need to be equipped for teaching and learning about health status, conditions, treatments and healthy lifestyles. Patient boards help to ensure that important information is seen, understood and retained. This increases the chances for engagement and good outcomes.

Transform Patient Care with System Integrated Electronic Boards

For healthcare, it’s important that patient rooms are efficient, well-equipped spaces that streamline care processes. It’s important that technology devices stay in reach and in sight for everyone in the patient room. When thoughtfully designed around patient needs and furnished with innovative products, patient rooms can be efficient and flexible work environments for healthcare guidance. They can also be high-functioning, supportive spaces where patients can focus on the important topic of their health and wellbeing. VisiCareHD Digital Boards Learn More →

What does all of this mean for your Healthcare organization budget? When the time comes to plan yearly budgets or refresh existing spaces and you need some guidance, get started here — VisiCare is here to help.

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Product Communication Solutions:

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Patient Safety & Alerts Solutions

  • EHR Data Interface Integration Efficiently Reduces Manual Input Saving Nurses Time
  • Immediate-Attention Care Team Alerts to Enhances Response Time

VisiCareHD Digital Board are an ideal communication tool for hospital rooms, nurse stations, and other areas where patient health is the greatest priority.
VisiCareHD Digital Boards Learn More →

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