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custom whiteboard in glass board interchangeable style for critical care unit

Navigate Patient Journeys with Custom Graphics

Hospital standardization and compliance prioritize the patient experience in care plans. We ensure medical terms and care positions are consistent across departments, visible on unique whiteboards at each patient’s bedside. Interchangeable boards allow easy updates to your hospital’s custom whiteboards.

When was the last time your hospital boards were reviewed to align with current policy and procedure? Hospital policy typically updates every one to three years, but experts recommend annual reviews with interchangeable patient boards. Failing to update policy can lead to several consequences:

  1. Fines: Non-compliance may result in fines.
  2. Loss of Reputation: Patient experience largely defines your hospital’s brand.
  3. Retention: Competing for staff in the medical field becomes challenging.
  4. Downtime and Productivity Loss: Confusing or messy whiteboards can lead to downtime and reduced productivity.

Effortlessly Swap Graphics for Versatile Patient Rooms

Upgrade effortlessly with the VisiCare™ White Board component system. Avoid purchasing new whiteboards for policy changes. The three-piece system includes a lens, changeable graphics, and edge for enclosure. Stay within budget while staying up-to-date on procedures by updating graphics as needed VisiCare White Boards Learn More →


interchangeable graphic inserts for all board styles

Boost Engagement with a Graphic Insert Upgrade

Enhance patient engagement with our all-in-one magnetic graphic insert upgrade. Quickly interchange graphics to offer a visual learning experience with pictures, charts, and cards. Use your own magnets or customize them with VisiCare™. Optimize patient engagement with the quick-change all-in-one layout. Access patient needs through this interactive communication tool without the need to purchase entirely new whiteboards to keep up with future policies. VisiCare White Boards Learn More →


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