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Enhancing Healthcare: The Most Effective Communication Boards in Hospitals

Effective communication lies at the heart of any successful institution, and in the high-stress environment of a hospital, clarity and timeliness can be the difference between life and death.

With critical information changing constantly, it’s vital for healthcare professionals to have a reliable system in place to update and communicate patient conditions, schedules, and important tasks.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various types of healthcare communication boards available, their benefits and challenges, and how they’re shaping the future of hospital communication.

The Vital Significance of Hospital Communication

Communication errors significantly impact hospital safety, leading to medication errors, misdiagnoses, and unnecessary readmissions. Clear and quick communication is crucial for optimal patient outcomes and the well-being of care teams.

Traditional in-person communication methods are time-consuming and prone to disruptions, unlike communication boards which offer centralized, instantly accessible information for care teams, and facilitate communication efficiency.

Types of Communication Boards in Hospital

At VisiCare™, the board styles available encompass a range of functionalities tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare communication. These include:

The Classic Whiteboard

The patented design features a three-component system designed for versatility and durability, comprising a replaceable Dry Erase Writing Lens, an interchangeable Graphic Insert also designed for easy replacement, and a robust Frame equipped with quick open edges for convenience. Additionally, upgrades are offered, including a Dry Erase Graphic Insert for enhanced usability and a Mobile Upgrade that adds a wheeled base for easy transportation and positioning.

Digital Display Boards

Digital boards are becoming prevalent in healthcare, replacing analog versions with a more dynamic and customizable platform. These boards are wall-mounted, integrate with a hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system to improve patient care. They offer benefits such as customizability, streamlined data integration, and interactivity.

Glass Boards

Glass boards are increasingly being recognized as a practical substitute in healthcare environments such as MedSurg and Surgery OR. offering a blend of durability and ease of maintenance that traditional whiteboards can’t match. These boards are made from tempered glass that is resistant to stains, scratches, and ghosting, ensuring that they retain clarity over time.

Plexi Boards

Plexi communication boards, also known as acrylic communication boards, are gaining popularity for their lightweight, durable, and easy-to-clean attributes. They are particularly favored in healthcare settings for promoting hygiene standards. Designed to deliver the clarity of glass while minimizing the risk of breakage, these components are perfect for dynamic settings. The use of tempered glass ensures safety in the event of breakage, providing a secure and durable solution. They can be stationary or mobile and customized with colors and prints to improve departmental communication.

Safety Boards

Safety boards, or custom safety patient whiteboards, are designed to provide critical information securely, ensuring patient safety and care continuity. Made from robust, shatterproof materials with anti-ligature designs, these boards are durable, resistant to stress, and essential for patient-staff communication, especially in high-risk areas like Behavioral Health. They serve as a vital communication tool that prioritizes the safety of both clinicians and patients.

The Role of Mobile Solutions in Hospital Communication

Our Custom Mobile Whiteboards offer seamless communication in hospitals and care settings, enhancing patient care by providing mobility and convenience. These boards easily move with patients, ensuring continuous and adaptable communication across different care environments. Ideal for today’s dynamic healthcare settings.

Decal Boards

Decal boards offer a modern solution to hospital communication, combining traditional signage’s flexibility with the need for customization. Made from durable vinyl, they adhere to walls, doors, and glass, providing essential information like patient care plans and safety warnings. They’re easy to apply, resistant to damage, and can be updated or removed without harm, making them ideal for the ever-changing hospital environment.

Hospital Patient Room

Challenges and Solutions

Adopting new tools often means overcoming obstacles such as resistance to change, staff turnover, or the need for ongoing support.

Overcoming Resistance

Clear communication on the benefits and the involvement of staff in decision-making can address resistance and fear of change.

Supporting New Staff

Establish onboarding processes that encompass training on available resources and communication platforms to guarantee comprehensive understanding among all staff members from day one.

System Maintenance

Develop a budget plan for maintenance and upgrades of communication boards to align with high care standards. Your VisiCare Account Manager aids in this, ensuring top-notch patient room communication. Efficiently allocate resources for upkeep and enhancements, enhancing patient experience and care excellence.

Who Benefits from Communication Boards?

Communication boards in a hospital serve a critical purpose not just for the healthcare professionals but also patients and caregivers as well.

Healthcare Professionals

For the nurse unit and a doctor, and healthcare staff, communication boards are indispensable tools for coordinating care. They facilitate a seamless flow of information, enabling quick updates on patient conditions, treatment plans, and schedules. This real-time data sharing enhances teamwork, efficiency, and reduces the risk of errors.


Patients benefit from transparent communication, sharing insights into their care. Access to treatment plans, schedules, and health updates offers reassurance and fosters a sense of involvement in their care journey.

Families and Caregivers

For any family and caregivers, these boards are a source of valuable information. They offer insight into the patient’s current status, what to expect throughout the hospital stay, and how the care plan is being executed. This can significantly reduce anxiety and improve the overall experience during a stressful time.

Hospital OR with Nurses, Doctors, and Staff

Conclusion: Hospital Communication Boards

Hospitals looking to refine their communication strategies must consider the unique benefits and challenges of each type of board. They must also recognize that as technology advances, so too will the potential for more efficient and effective communication.

For those leading the charge in healthcare administration, it’s high time to evaluate your communication systems and consider the tools that can give voice to a new level of hospital harmony. The conversation is ongoing, and your input as a key stakeholder is invaluable. Share your insights with us and together, we’ll continue to elevate the standard of care in hospitals across the globe.

VisiCare™ provides a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance engagement and improve caregiver workflow. Our offerings include industry-leading patient whiteboards, digital whiteboards, and room identification systems tailored to various healthcare settings. We provide hospitals with customized communication boards, designed to improve patient communication, foster collaboration, and ultimately drive better health outcomes.

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