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Glass Boards Surgery OR
OR surgery room with counts board and care team

The Essential Guide to Glass Boards in the Operating Room

In the fast-paced, high-stakes environment of the operating room (OR), effective communication is critical. The clarity and accessibility of information can significantly impact the efficiency and success of surgical procedures.

This is where the evolution from traditional whiteboards to high-quality glass boards becomes a game-changer for healthcare facilities.

The Evolution of Glass Boards

Traditionally, operating rooms have relied on a hospital room whiteboard for essential communication. However, the healthcare industry has witnessed a significant shift towards glass boards.

This transition is not merely a matter of aesthetics; glass boards offer unparalleled advantages in cleanliness, durability, and functionality.

Benefits and Applications

The unique benefits of glass boards in the OR environment are manifold:

  • Cleanliness: In environments where infection control is a top priority, such as healthcare facilities, glass boards stand out for their easily sanitized surfaces. This feature significantly reduces the risk of contamination, offering a safer option for both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Durability: Traditional whiteboards often suffer from staining and ghosting over time, which can make them difficult to read. Glass boards, on the other hand, are designed to resist these common issues in daily use. Their durable surface ensures that they remain clear and legible for longer periods, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Visual Appeal: The sleek and modern design of glass boards adds a touch of sophistication to healthcare facilities. Unlike the dated look of a traditional whiteboard, glass boards enhance the modern aesthetic of a space, contributing to a more professional and inviting environment for patients and staff alike.

Specific Applications in the Operating Room

Glass boards serve various critical functions in the OR, including:

  • Surgical Schedules: This feature offers clear charting on surgical timelines, aiding hospital staff in staying fully informed and prepared. It ensures that everyone involved in the surgical process, from surgeons to charge nurses, can assign, adjust, and plan their tasks efficiently based on up-to-the-minute schedule changes.
  • Patient Information: This functionality delivers a comprehensive, easily updated record of patient details, including personal information, allergies, and specific notes related to their surgical procedures. It allows the medical team to access critical information swiftly, ensuring personalized and safe patient care.
  • Infection Control Protocols: This critical component highlights essential infection control measures, ensuring that all staff adhere to the best practices in preventing hospital-acquired infections. It serves as a constant reminder and educational tool for staff, promoting a culture of safety and cleanliness within the healthcare environment.
  • Counts Organization: Custom glass boards significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of surgical counts. By providing a clear, erasable surface for noting and reviewing number counts of surgical instruments, sponges, and other materials, they help ensure that nothing is left inside a patient after surgery.
  • Timeout Strategies: Facilitate the implementation of timeout strategies by allowing teams to clearly display and follow checklist protocols, thereby enhancing patient safety and compliance with regulatory standards for best results.

Choosing the Right Glass Board

When selecting a glass board for your OR, several factors need consideration:

  • Size: The board should be large enough to display all necessary information but sized appropriately for the available wall space.
  • Mounting Options: Consider whether a fixed or mobile solution best suits your needs. Mobile boards, as offered by VisiCare, provide flexibility and can follow patients through their care environments.
  • Customization Features: Look for options like custom imprints and interchangeable graphic inserts to tailor the board to your specific requirements.

Maintenance and Longevity

To ensure the longevity and continued effectiveness of glass boards in the OR, regular maintenance is crucial. This includes routine cleaning with appropriate sanitizers and checks for any signs of wear or damage.

Other Board Options VisiCare Offers

In addition to high-quality glass boards for the operating room, VisiCare creates custom designs for an array of tailored solutions to meet the diverse communication needs of healthcare facilities. These alternatives include:

  • Magnetic Dry-Erase Boards: Offering the same level of customizability as Glass Boards, these dry-erase boards are designed for departments where rapid, frequent updates are necessary. Their magnetic surface also allows for easy attachment of notices, rare-earth magnets, and documents.
  • Pre-Op Patient Boards: Tailored to improve communication and satisfaction for patients awaiting surgery, these boards can be personalized to show pre-operative instructions, schedules, staff contacts, and dietary restrictions.
  • Departmental Communication Boards: Ideal for use in administrative areas, nursing stations, or staff rooms, these boards help in organizing shift schedules, meetings, and important announcements.
  • Pediatric Care Boards: With designs that are both functional and child-friendly, these boards help in alleviating the anxiety of young patients by presenting information in a colorful, engaging format.

Each board option offered by VisiCare is crafted with the end-user in mind, focusing on durability, functionality, and the specific communication challenges faced in healthcare environments.

Whether for direct patient safety, nurses coordination, or administrative purposes, VisiCare’s range of boards are designed to facilitate clearer communication, thereby enhancing both operational efficiency and patient outcomes.


The integration of glass boards into the operating room marks a significant advancement in healthcare communication. Their benefits in cleanliness, durability, and efficiency make them an indispensable tool in the modern OR. For healthcare facilities looking to elevate patient satisfaction and streamline OR operations, glass boards are a worthy investment.

Interested in exploring glass board solutions for your facility? Contact VisiCare at info@visicare.com or +1-281-465-0040 to learn more about their innovative patient communication products and how they can enhance the functionality and safety of your operating rooms.

Elevate your OR communication to the next level with glass boards – your staff, and patients, will thank you.

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